[ Tim Woodbury ]

Senior Ruby on Rails Developer



Ruby, Rails, jQuery, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, HAML, Slim, HTML, SASS, CSS, Git, RSpec, Cucumber, FactoryGirl, Heroku, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Solr, Resque, Sidekiq, PHP, T-SQL, Google Analytics, SVN, Perforce, C#, C, C++, Objective-C, Cocoa, Java, Mocha


OpenTable (Sep 2015 - Present)
Engineering Manager
  • Manage team of four engineers focused on in-restaurant experience
  • Leading discovery, technical design, and development for greenfield project that will open a new B2B market for OpenTable and accelerate new diner acquisition.
  • Led a team of engineers from multiple business verticals to deliver, in six weeks from concept to completion, a self-service signup process for restauranteurs. This system integrates with business critical systems from across the organization to reduce onboarding time from an average of 15 days to approximately 30 minutes.
Fashion Project (Mar 2014 - Sep 2015)
Senior Software Engineer
  • Mentored junior engineers on best practices in software architecture, behavior driven design, and stack specific languages and technologies.
  • Extended customer facing and admin websites, track and fix bugs, manage continuous integration server, etc.
  • Integrated inventory control system with eBay API, allowing merchandising to seemlessly list aged inventory in a fraction of the time. This integration drove eBay sales from $0 to over $25,000 in the first six months.
  • Worked with internal customers across design and marketing to build responsive sign in/up pages, capitalizing on a 35% mobile visit rate and reducing bounce from 85% to 40%.
Midpack Runner (Dec 2009 - Jun 2014)
  • Developed and implemented online content and email marketing strategy. Tracked performance with Google Analytics.
  • Launched feasibility study to produce natural, organic energy food based on market research and reader feedback. Coordinated food labs, suppliers, and contract manufacturers (co-packers) to meet cost, quality, and safety metrics.
  • Maintained compliance with FDA and USDA labelling and product safety requirements.
Koko Fitness, Inc. (Jul 2011 - Aug 2012)
Senior Software Engineer
  • Led a development team of three to deliver a brand new integrated hardware and software product, opening the way for a new holistic wellness initiative.
  • Converted membership website from ASP.NET to Ruby on Rails backend. Updated member experience to reflect changes in web technology and usability since site's initial implementation.
  • Learned and rehabilitated core product offering which had been fractured across CVS, SVN, and Git repositories, and uncompilable since 2008. This allowed previously impossible but necessary feature extensions and bug fixes.
Microsoft (Jul 2009 - Jul 2011)
Software Design Engineer 2
  • Developed tools using C#, WinForms, WPF, WCF, Silverlight, and T-SQL to automate and streamline testing of videogame titles published through Microsoft.
  • Led development of SQL-based data storage and data mining tools.
  • Released five (5) full-lifecycle tools, critical for launching four (4) AAA titles. For example:
    • Multiplayer matchmaking tool reduced a 10-man-hour process (per daily build) to a 30-second activity.
    • Cross-database defect tracking tool increased accuracy of bugs filed and reduced duplicate reports.
    • Asset extraction and categorization tool allowed test team to track changes across builds and quickly develop new test cases.
Nintendo of America, Inc. (Sep 2008 - Jul 2009)
Software Engineer 2
  • Developed the C/C++ engine for the DSi launch integrated clocks and calculators. This included ground-up development of vertical-retrace synced DMA (display management), power management, flash memory IO, and additional core systems using Nintendo's proprietary libraries.
  • Upgraded the legacy engine for "Mario vs Donkey Kong" with a three week turnaround for a milestone presentation to our parent company, Nintendo Corporation, Ltd.


University of Washington (2010)
Certificate in iPhone and Cocoa Development
DigiPen Institute of Technology (2004 - 2007)
All major coursework for BS Real-Time Interactive Simulation (Computer Science)
Nazareth College of Rochester (2000 - 2004)
BA Theater Arts, Mathematics Minor